Monday, October 25, 2010


One thing I found myself struck by when visiting the grounds of Mt. Auburn cemetery in Cambridge, MA (with a highly informative, impromptu tour given by longtime friend Badriyaz) was how for somewhere that many might see as a place of death and endings, it was verily brimming with life and beauty.

The pond, seemingly grown solid with it's thick coating of algae, at first:

but then you notice something different about the surface of the water. Whatever could that faint fairy ring of a circle be?

Why, it is the watchful gaze of Mr. Toad!

A quintessential, eternal view ~ shrouded by trees:

Painted with the strokes of a purpled brush:

I have no doubts these two frequently team up in preparation of things mischievous beyond our imaginings:

A very clever Madame Duck, beguilingly swims our way:

The rich diversity of life's beauty can be found everywhere, including the most unlikely of places... one must only open their eyes to it all.

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